Chiefmakers through key initiative is to support indigent youngsters attain his/her capability through moral values, determination, education and commitment to the needy society. We provide the podium to recognize the talents and paving an enrichment way for them to accomplish their dream.

Require Tuition Fee Aid/Scholarship and Mentorship?

We deliver the tuition fee assistance, skills training, career planning workshops & mentoring among very needy endowed students throughout their study period across the below listed study streams.

  1. Arts/Science
  2. MBBS
  3. Engineering
  4. Diploma

Application Selection Process:-

  • Application Submission
  • Candidate Phone Interview
  • Teachers Referral Review
  • Home Visit
  • Secure of Merit Admission at Government Universities/Colleges

Obligation upon Employment: –

Candidates whoever have received our financial aids and mentorship should support the education amongst two needy students on similar standings.

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Chiefmakers emphases to inspire the very open-minded individuals seeking paths to startups that deviate from conventional routes. We foster youth entrepreneurship and support them grow with their ideas in evolving the society.

Have startup idea?

Get your startup ideas recognized over our below programs

Mentorship/Networking – Our mentorship and networking program events are destined to deliver the passionate individuals a roadmap platform to learn from industry experts and connect across appropriate supporters on their startup ideas validation, planning, execution and advancement

Seed Funding – Our financial assistance program is aimed to provide initial seed capital in supporting your early stage startup events for a minor equity share and will top-up/aid to raise the additional funds along the way of your startup expansion.

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